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Mshoza: I will still get married

Never stop believing in love, people. No matter how many people disappoint you, you must always be positive when it comes to love.

Just look at Mshoza, who has had her fair share of failed relationships. Not too long ago the Kwaito star made headlines after it was revealed that she was being abused by her then partner.

However, despite being a divorcee (more than once), Mshoza is still love’s biggest fan. Speaking to Jeannie D on Afternoon Express, the Ayina Chorus hitmaker said: “I will still get married, probably next year.” She added: “Number four.”

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She made it clear that the fact that her relationships didn’t work is not love’s fault.

“Love has done nothing to me. It’s the type of guys that I go out with. So, I can never give up on love until maybe love says, ‘look, I’m the one that’s doing you wrong. Give up.’ I’m not gonna give up,” she said on the SABC 3 show.

In an interview with Sowetan in May this year, Mshoza told the Sowetan about her husband, who allegedly abused her: “I loved that man. I moved from Johannesburg for him and stayed in the rural areas where they don’t even have flushing toilets, and he has abused me emotionally and physically.”

Well, we’re glad she’s in a happy space now and hope that her next marriage will bring her nothing but love and happiness.

Source: ZAlebs