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Mshoza Reveals She Has Tested Positive for Covid-19




Sunday world reports that Popular musician and socialite, Mshoza, has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Mshoza, who is diabetic, is now self isolating in her Ekurhuleni mansion, where she lives with her new millionaire husband, Prince Dlamini.

The Kwaito star reveals that she is in high spirits and in good shape despite testing positive for COVID19.

“I decided to get tested after a person close to me tested positive and we have been in contact, when my results come back positive, I placed myself in self-quarantine.

Mshoza also said she had been suffering severe headaches, loss of weight, a sore throat and flue like symptoms for over a week.

She said she kept deteriorating and now looks bad. However, she refused to be hospitalised and instead chose to self isolate at home.


Sunday world also revealed that she is taking umhlonyane and other multi vitamins to fight the disease.

Mshoza called for self-discipline and religious adhering to WHO and government recommendations to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

“The virus is real, South Africans are tired and now reluctant to follow laid down protocols, that’s dangerous. We are tired but the virus will never get tired, let’s try to be self-conscious, losing one life is too many,” she said.