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Musa Mseleku hits back

Concerns of the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) turning into Uthando Nesthembu continue to grow. The Real Housewives of Durban has been under scrutiny ever since Thobile joined the cast. The show recently came under attack from viewers because they feel it has become another version of Uthando Nesthembu.

This happens after Musa Mseleku, a polygamist and Thobile’s husband, continues to reappear on the RHOD and appears to constantly try to educate the viewers on…well, polygamy.

Viewers have expressed concern about Musa always showing his wife and trying to focus on what she is there to do and shifting it to her duties as a wife in a polygamous marriage.

“I hope today is the last day I will hear about Musa and Polygamy. I want to know about Thobile MaKhumalo not Thobile Mseleku. I believe there is more to her than her marriage❤❤ #RHODurban.” One tweep wrote on Twitter.

Viewers of the program feel that they don’t have enough time to create an opinion about Thobile and decide whether they like or know her because she is still surrounded by the same environment they know her for in Uthando NeSthembu.

Musa Mseleku hit back at the criticism he is receiving. Musa said that he wouldn’t be in the show if the show hadn’t invited him. Musa also reminded people that the show is an American concept that South Africans adopted which means they would like to know the cultures and traditions practised in our country.

Musa is getting backlash when he appears, and he ways seem to try and advocate for polygamy and never discusses anything.

Musa feels that it is his duty as an African man to teach the outside world of African traditions, and polygamy is a tradition.

Makhumalo also got a lot of backlash for her subpar and less glamorous house and cars. She has also spoken out and told people that the show knew she was a rural girl and would not lie about who she is. She said she was very content with who she is, and nothing or no one would change how she sees herself.

MaKhumalo was expected to hit off with the show favourite LaConco, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It was thought that MaKhumalo would be an excellent replacement for Ayanda Ncwane, who was very close with LaConco. As things stand, everyone feels like LaConco only warm up to Thobile but straight-up hates her.

The show has been getting mixed reviews ever since it started airing on Showmax at the beginning of 2022.