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Musa’s Wife MaNgwabe Cries: I Don’t Understand How People Can Be This Heartless

Scammers are everywhere, and they are always looking for ways to swindle people out of their hard-earned money. Uthando Ne’thembu reality show star MaNgwabe is the latest celeb to have her identity stolen by an imposter.

As if there weren’t enough Forex and Bitcoin scammers in the country, now there are imposters going around scamming ordinary citizens and pretending to be someone they are not. This practice is very dangerous as it tarnishes the reputation of our favourite artists. Imagine having worked hard to build your brand and then someone ruins it.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Mangwabe said that imposters have been using her name to take advantage of innocent victims. She said she had been accused of stealing a car that did not even exist. This has affected her as it brings her name into disrepute.

“I don’t understand how people can be this heartless. I recently found out there’s a fake social media account after people came to my workplace and accused me of stealing a car doesn’t exist,” she said.

She is pleading with scammers to stop using her name to scam people. “This broke my heart and has affected me because it brings my name into disrepute. I am kindly pleading with people to stop doing this,” she said.

Additionally, she warned the public not to hand their money over easily to scammers. Despite her attempts to open a case of fraud against the scammers, she was told that the victims should be the ones to do so.

MaNgwabe has been causing a headache for her husband Musa Mseleku who is set on taking another wife. In the latest episode of the hit Mzansi Magic reality show, she made it clear that she would stay in their marriage only if Musa does not decide to take another wife.

With Musa not backing down and saying he will marry again, and MaNgwabe saying she will leave – there are fears that there will be another wife welcomed and she will be number 4. That means MaNgwabe will pack her bags and return home. Should that happen, there will be four wives again in the Mseleku household.

Musa told the Daily Sun recently that he does not want his wives to leave him so he will put his mission on hold – for now.

“I couldn’t take wife number five because my two wives, MaNgwabe and MaYeni Mseleku, have threatened to leave me. They were not happy and I realised if I insist on it, my family would have been destroyed. I love my wives and I don’t want to lose Mbali or Muntuza over this. Instead, I want to build the Mseleku family.,“ he said.