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#Muvhango :People be talking, “Marang can’t act, Marang is not qualified”, here’s the truth about her

If there is a group of people who are dangerous, that’s a group of fans or followers. These people can go off limits and hurt your feelings and still go around saying they are your fans. People have been talking different stories about Muvhango’s Marang, her performance on the show and her personal life. Here’s the truth about the actress :

The character Marang Phala is played by a 26 year-old Motswana actress Sharon Seno. Sharon was born in Botswana and has two known siblings, an older brother and younger brother, Thabiso and Talent. She started as a model at the age of 13 but wasn’t that confident. People teased her because she was the tallest girl in class and had big lips according to them.

When she joined Muvhango she has little acting experience, and she was intimidated by beautiful girls who she thought would get the role of Marang. According to reports, when Sharon joined Muvhango she had no qualifications. She was focusing on modeling while big brother and baby brother were busy with their degrees. It is not clear if she has obtained any qualification at the moment.

On the scene where she almost shot James, viewers complained that Marang failed to show emotions. Sharon is getting better day by day and fans are impressed on the scenes about Vuyo.