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Muvhango’s James Is In Big Trouble

Trouble seems to be on James’ tail on Muvhango.

He made a big mistake when he protected a child kidnapper.

The businessman got himself entangled in a lie when he chose to protect his mum who kidnapped Tenda and Mpho’s baby in hospital from going to jail.

Tenda knows the truth and will stop at nothing to make sure James goes to jail for his bad deed.

Ziyakhala on Scandal!, although the storyline around Nhamulo and Mdala has dragged on for too long.

It is getting more interesting by the day.

It’s the month of love and young couple Nhlamulo and Lindiwe should be celebrating their love, but nothing seems to be going well in their union.

Mdala has put the young couple’s relationship on the test by proposing to Lindiwe.

Lindiwe has grown a soft spot for Mdala following her kidnapping.

She’s not sure yet who her kidnappers were and to lure her into falling in love with him, Mdala has lied to her.

He told her Nhlamulo is the one behind the kidnapping, making himself look like a hero that he is not.

It’s a very sad and frustrating time for Lwandle on The Estate.

She was involved in an accident, in which she hit and killed a child.

Due to the trauma she has experienced, she’s forgetting even the smallest things.

She has been trying to block the incident, but it keeps coming back.

We wonder if she’ll ever get help to overcome the traumatic experience. – Daily Sun