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‘My 21 year old son’s dipstick does a better job than any other man, he gives me the little death’

My relationship with my son is well, rather close and deep.

Ever since he got back from Boarding school he has had a sense of loneliness, sometimes he will lock himself up in his bedroom and not even bother to touch the meals i make for him.

As a parent i get worried about that, when i ask him to talk about it he shuts me out and resists talking, so i once figured it has something to do with relationships.

As a parent i knew i had the responsibility of comforting him and making sure he felt better.

I asked him to open up to me and so he did, he told me he had a girlfriend of which he loved dearly but she cheated on him with someone older when he had expected to move their relationship to the next level.

I then told him that as a parent i can do anything that girlfriend did for him. Indeed i looked out for him we spent most of our time indoors.

The level of deepness in our relationship grew tremendously, i would get my son’s dipstick almost every single day as i even moved into his bedroom just in case he broke down and needed me, i would sleep next to him and comfort him.

The job he was doing to also make sure i was happy was really amazing, every single day he would give me the ‘little death’ feeling that no other man has given me before, i loved my son even more each and every day.

Up until this day we are inseparable and people even question our mother and son relationship and doubt it, but we both agreed to keep everything a secret as next year he will start his matric he always tells me that it will be the best year for him.