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My boyfriend drink these pills every night, please help me what are they for?

I’m so confused right now. My name is Lihle I’m 18 years old this year and I’m staying with my boyfriend. Every time before coming to bad he usually drinks these pills and I’m scared to ask him why he always takes them. I don’t want to research on Google because I’m scared I might find a lot of information that is not necessary. That is is why I’m directing this question to men who know. Those who are taking them can they please give me more details what do they use for. I’m 18 years so I don’t know a lot about such pills.

I’m currently enjoying staying with him at such a young age. I don’t care about the age gap that is between us what matters is that we are happy. And if he can propose to me I will just say yes without thinking twice. He is working and I’m still doing my grade 11 at high school. It’s such luck to find true love at a young age.

I start dating this guy 3 months back. So I used to visit him at his place. I never spent a night there so it was hard for me to notice that he is using these pills. But now since I started staying with him after 1 month of dating I usually see him taking them in secret. The reason I’m scared to ask him is that he is older than me. So some things I can find out that all old people do them so he will be shy to explain. I don’t wanna put him in such a position.

Being in love at such an age people turn to judge you and forget that we all have feelings. I started having feelings at a young age so that is why decided to be in a serious relationship with this guy. My parents don’t know that I’m staying with him but soon I will tell them. I need advice from a man because I’m confused I want to know if my future husband is sick or not. I don’t want to stay with someone who might lose his life.