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My Daughter Sent Her Stepdad This On Whatsapp (should i be worried)

Like many other little girl out there. I too couldn’t wait to grow up and finally be independent and start a family of my own. But then as you know they say ‘ life is so unfair ‘ Just when i thought that i have it all figured out and according to the plan my husband left died leaving me with our teenage girl

With things being that way i had to start all over again with a new man and i did and after i was sure of our relationship i finally introduced him to my family and my daughter and everything went according to the plan.

After introducing her to my daughter he took over were her real dad left of in terms of being a dad and played the role of a father. Like many other father’s and daughters they grew a strong bond which i sometimes doubted because my husband started even going as far as buying outfits for my daughter and that increased my suspicious of their bond.

Well like what everyone else resort to whenever they are being suspicious of their partner’s i went through his chats and her and this is what i saw.

Not that i am being jealous of him buying her outfits but something tells me that there might be more to this ones than just a Step father and daughter relationship.