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My Father Won’t Be Bullied – Duduzane Backs His Father’s Decision

Former president Jacob Zuma sits next to his son Duduzane Zuma at the Randburg Magistrates court in Johannesburg, where the son of the former statesman is facing a culpable homicide charge for crashing his Porche into a taxi in 2014. Picture: Alaister Russell/The Sunday Times

The son of the former President Jacob Zuma, Duduzane Zuma have take to his Twitter handle to express his standing on the constitutional court ruling which orders Zuma to appear to the State Capture inquiry after he walked out a few months ago.

Zuma have since issued a statement saying he will not appear as ordered, his son is supporting his decision as he says his father will not allow anyone to bully him and will not surrender.

Duduzane wrote on his Twitter handle Duduzane Zuma @Duduzane__Zuma as he offers his backing to his dear father.

“My father will never surrender to bullyism,” the Tweet reads.

A statement was released on Monday which quotes Zuma saying that he will not appear, he infact said he will appear when he is ‘okay’.

Almost all figures of those who have already testified at the commission are pointing at Zuma being the culprit behind the state capture.

People have reacted on Twitter after Duduzane Tweeted, and here are some of the reactions:

Average_Citizen_GuyHundred points symbolAntenna with [email protected]

Summons to appear must be issued to JZ; if he fails a warrant of arrest must be issued & effected without hesitation. The former ‘president’ has gone rogue; since he has shown utter contempt to the Constitution; all benefits he enjoys as a former president must be cancelled.

Motswana QueenFlag of South AfricaFlag of South AfricaFlag of South Africa @kaygee_queen

He is right. I was not a fan of your Father but have seen how much he had to go through due to the whites hatred for him. He has not been treated fairly even in the judiciary department.

Martin @MARTIN36262922

Man do you wanna tell me all the individuals who appeared at the commission were bullied.

[email protected]

He is playing a very dangerous game.He could have pulled a Dudu Myeni but chose to throw our country into turmoil. Beyond selfish indeed.

Kim jong [email protected]

Don’t worry we support him no matter what.


Hela monna, papao keTsotsi full stop.