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“My Parents Abandoned Me After I Got A Strange Disease, The Pain Is Too Much” Young Man Narrates

Daniel, a 14-year-old boy, has been suffering from an unexplained disease for the past eight years. He claims that his parents abandoned him and that he has been living with his grandmother since he was eight years old, according to him.

As a child, Daniel’s disease manifested itself as stomach swelling, which his parents dismissed as normal at the time. However, as he grew older, the swelling became more severe and Daniel’s condition became life-threatening.

It became unbearable, and Daniel’s parents decided to take him to the hospital. However, despite the fact that several tests were performed on him, they all came back negative, his condition continued to deteriorate.

Daniel’s parents could no longer bear the thought of watching their son suffer in agony, so they abandoned him. Daniel’s grandmother has been caring for him since the day they left.

Daniel dropped out of school because he is no longer able to sit up straight or walk at all. He is completely reliant on his grandmother to take carepleaded of him. Daniel’s doctors advised him to seek treatment in another country, but they were unable to do so due to a lack of financial resources.

They have  with well-wishers to assist them in raising funds for Daniel’s medical treatment so that he can return to his normal life as soon as possible.