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My Wife Was In The Bathroom For 2 Hours, See What I Caught Her Doing

My beloved and caring wife who have been married to for the past 5 years always do something that amaze me, my wife do spend 2 hours in the bathroom and I am not pleased with this her behavior, so I badge in, I was shocked on what I caught her doing.

Our marriage has been the best ever, because we understood each other so much and she knows how to handle me, in fact I can boldly say she has my control button.

However, it was getting too much since I noticed this her behavior and I couldn’t take it anymore because I have talked to few of my friends about it. One evening, she came back from work, prepared our dinner and after we all finished eating, she took our kids to their room and we both went to our room.

As usual, she went to the bathroom to freshen up and I was in the bedroom, I waited and waited, 2 hours passed, so I decided to badge in the bathroom and I couldn’t believe my eyes that I caught my wife praying.

I never knew about this, so what do you think I should do for her?, should I surprise her with a gift or I should overlook it? Please drop your comments and share..