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Mzansi Admits That Duduzane Zuma Is Arguably The Most Handsome Man

Many Ladies on Twitter and other social media sites are professing how handsome Duduzane Zuma is, saying that he could be the most handsome man in South Africa. A lady also wrote, “Maiden & young ladies had crush on both Duduzane & Misizulu at kwanongoma. But definitely it seems Duduzane lost the show, the new King Misizulu is handsome”.

Many people have openly confessed that they are crushing on Duduzane Zuma, but they came late because the handsome dude is already taken. Even though they know he is married, many ladies out there are no ready or willing to take their eyes off Duduzane.

Responding to how women have been cherishing Duduzane especially on Twitter, a young man who appears to be jealous wrote, “Twitter women praising Duduzane for his pretty walk and how handsome he is and wanting him to lead the ANC is just an example of how overwhelmingly low the bar is set for male leadership.

Like, what is actually wrong?”. Duduzane already have many female crushes, and the list keeps increasing endlessly. Many ladies admitted that the wife of Duduzane is indeed very lucky to have married. Someone also said,” It is very difficult when ladies are mad at “handsome” Boy, they turned to confuse beauty with intellectual. It is an insult to CIC to be reduced to debate duduzane when the same duduzane can’t match fighter @NalediChirwa intellectually”.

Duduzane is fond of posting his beautiful pictures on social media, and many ladies can’t seem to have enough of him. The recent pictures he posted wearing Zulu traditional attire and carrying a shield is causing commotion on social media as many ladies keep retweeting and admiring the beautiful face of the son of former president, Jacob Zuma.

Narrating how much she cherishes the man, a lady said, “What I, Personally, know is that Duduzane is a good-looking Handsome Man Nothing else. Women are not loyal anyway. What about Bloemfontein Celtic’s? 2 months you said Duduzane is handsome and now you migrated to King Misuzulu”.

Someone was recently asking how the young man can handle all these female crushes daily, being that he is a married man. Are you too crushing on Duduzane Zuma? Well, even if you would not admit it openly, many ladies have confessed that he is handsome and that they are crushing on him.