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Mzansi bothered by what’s going on at the home of King Zwelithini’s third wife

Song and dance was the order of the day in Nongoma, as thousands of maidens accompanied by the Amabhutu made their way to collect the body of the AmaZulu King Goodwill ll Zwelithini. The whole proceedings became a celebration of the life and times of the King.

King Goodwill Zwelithini is to be laid to rest tonight in a ceremony that will be presided over by men only. A number of dignitaries have already arrived at KwaNongoma to pay their last respects.

However, several South Africans have been bothered by what’s going on at one of the homesteads where one of the King’s wives live. Many are saying there isn’t much activity at Kwangelamankengane Royal Palace. This is where the King’s 3rd wife Queen Mantfombi LaDlamini resides. They have 8 children. Queen Mantfombi is also the sister of King Mswati the 3rd. She’s the only royalty.

There are people who are saying that Queen Mantfombi’s homestead should be abuzz with activity since she is the only wife with royal blood in her veins. Some even went as far as saying that it’s a good thing that the next king will be from one of her children as to carry the royal blood into the royal house.

But according to other people, there’s no need to be bothered as the king will be taken to all his palaces before he is laid to rest. The king will be buried between 12:00 and 3:00 midnight.