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Mzansi Calling Bheki Cele To Cancel Bolt With Immediate Effect In #SkhiphaAmafiles

SkhiphaAmafiles have done again by exposing Bolt and Ubers. Women need to be aware of the crime against Bolt’s drivers. SkhiphaAmafiles has been aware of the crime done by the drivers who are taking advantage of passengers more special woman. Numerous complaints of r_pe, assault and robberies from e-hailing passengers have left them feeling like they are being taken for a ride.

Women are not safe around men in this country period. Bolt is totally disgusting. A person was r_ped and the best way to resolve it is by offering 30% off a ride.

I’m annoyed, they don’t take these cases serious and that’s why this whole thing with their drivers will never stop. This woman is working for Bolt actually but she said she’s not. I know some people will still use Bolt just because of they have never being victimized by Bolt before.

I also support this it needs to be shut down, woman are not safe at all and Policies are not doing their job enough. SAPS loves blaming the citizens if something happens to us. Always. The department will tell us that they are busy investigating till there’s another incident. It will be an on-going investigation njalo. Again what is Department of Transport is it doing to regulate such services.

People do as they please with South African citizen and get away with everything like nothing happened. We need to take back our country we cannot allow such things happening. The way things are going South African citizen will extinct due to other countries destroying us.

Bolt has been responding rudely for the longest time they have no shame at all. This is the attitude our women receive when they go report r_pe cases. The police just don’t care. Attitude only, imagine they themselves treat women badly therefore they can’t see any wrong doing because they are part of the problem. The way Bolt chooses to respond to all these allegations is really sickening.

The way this woman knows a lot about Bolt I think they’re lying to us those are the Bolt offices. This lady knows everything about Bolt but doesn’t work there. Bolt offices don’t exist. The fact that they always relocate and now they are working from home. They moved more than five times in the past five years. Ladies after watching #SkhiphaAmafiles and struggling to find Bolt offices i think the best thing to do is to Uninstall.