Home Politics Mzansi Cheers As Malusi Gigaba Drops A Bombshell

Mzansi Cheers As Malusi Gigaba Drops A Bombshell

With its step aside resolution, the ANC has decided that all members of the party who are facing corruption charges or serious crikes should step aside, and should they fail to do so, then the ANC will be left with no choice but to suspend them.

Supra Mahumapelo and ANC Secretary General both received suspension letters and both decided to appeal, claiming that they are still members of the party and they also defied their suspension conditions by addressing either the media or branches.

However, Malusi Gigaba has revealed that the National Executive Committee does not have the grounds to amend conference resolutions but only to interpret them. In essense, the step aside resolution is unconstitutional as it is treating those who are accused of corruption as if they are charged.

Taking to Twitter, Gigaba has asked if either the Democratic Alliance, The De Klerk Foundation, Helen Suzman Foundation or journalists who are in fact an army of factionalist have said anything regarding the unconstitional step aside resolution.

This comes after a tweep named Simply Vido shared the conference resolutions and cited that the National Executive Committee has no power to amend the conference resolutions.

Mzansi agrees, and says that the ANC cannot be suspending the accused based on accusations. Some say that the only way forward is for all members of the ANC to step aside as most are accused of either corruption or inappropriate conduct.

However, others say that the ANC is a voluntarily organization and if suspended members are unhappy, they should leave. They say that they cannot expect people with criminal charges to be in leadership positions. They add that suspended members should await for the outcome of their cases.