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Mzansi excited about AKA and Somnyama’s upcoming song

After having a terrible year AKA seems to be back on the track. Just days after being replaced by SABC, no one thought AKA would come back from all the bad things that have happened to him. He has shown people that he is stronger and now is currently working on a song with Somnyama.

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Mzansi cannot wait to hear the song and very excited about the collaboration. In the past AKA has made sure not to disappoint his fans when releasing songs. After remembering his fiancé the previous day the public wonders f the song is about Nellie. AKA is a rapper who is versatile and can produce something that can be enjoyed by all ages. His flow and punch lines make him one of the best in the game.

His fans are overjoyed and are fast to react to his post about the upcoming song. The comments just show how much people are looking forward to the song. Usually after a musician goes through some dark times they come back stronger. Here are the comments from AKA’s fans:

“I can’t believe it ….. it Feels A Dream ❤️😩”

“Ye ye ye….Already a hit “

“Good to see you back my brother….I’ve prayed for such🙌❤️”

“😩Wat is being Cooked there,is gonna be hottttttt”

“Bhova x Somnyama. 😭❤️❤️ dream come true .”

“I knew this was going to happen by the way they were hyping each other and it shows that the love is real and the song will be fire🙌🏽🔥”

AKA lost his fiancé about four months ago and the way it all happened left many is a state of shock. A lot of bad and negative things were said about Nellie and AKA’s relationship. Unfortunately all blame was put on AKA. Up to date investigations are ongoing and it is sad that he is being investigated as well.