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Mzansi fans very angry at the whitewash #LoveIslandSA cast and celebs are disappointed too

Yesterday saw the premium of Love IslandSA and a lot of fans were left very disappointed by the show. South Africa is one of the most if not the most diverse country in the world.

It is made up of a more than 80% black population which differ from light black to black. We also have coloureds, Indians, black Indians, even Chinese.

But it seems that none of these populations were available when they casted the show. As it is a SA show we were expecting to have a Rianna, a Thato, a Sherlee even an Abdul in the process but what we got was the whitewash version of the show.

Fans are very disappointed at this show for its poor choices. The show is only consisting of three black contestants and out of that three it’s only one with whom you can actually tell.

Not that we are questioning anyone’s blackness but we can’t call a show that only casts the lightest member of the black community and then we call the show diverse , it is very far from anything close to diversity.