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Mzansi Fumes As This White Bulgarian Singer Uses Blackface To Imitate Nomcebo

Nomcebo Zikode has been trending after a clip of a white Bulgarian woman performing her hit single Jerusalema went viral. Now, we get that the song is a massive hit around the globe and people danced to it in a form of a viral challenge. We saw people around the globe embracing the message and language to which it was performed in, but adopting her skin colour? Now that was a bit ludicrous.

Just to educate the Tweeps who are downplaying the usage of blackface by the performer, here’s a brief explanation; Blackface is a form of “art” that non-black people use when trying to portray a black person. According to CNN, any skin tone you wear that is not really yours, is racist.

On social media, some people are left puzzled by the outrage over the viral clip which was originally taken from TikTok. However way many might view it, the usage of blackface is racist and many are up in arms over this. Here’s a clip of the performance below.

As you can see, the lady performing the song is not black and has been made to look like the South African singer Nomcebo. She even did the same haircut as the vocalist and are all doing the Jerusalema dance challenge.

Some do not find this offensive however many have voiced out their disgust and outrage over the fact that black South Africans do not find it racist.

“Black people in South Africa talking about it’s just a show, blackface is disrespectful and racist. We have a lot to learn and a long way to go.

“Saying its okay to wear black face to perform is like saying its okay to use the N word on a song. I see most South Africans don’t know what black face is and what is was used for.. that’s why we laughed along with Leon Schuster 4 so long before seeing the problem.

“This is why this show is unacceptable & demeaning to black culture.. #nomcebo & master KG must sue this racist show.. The history of the black face has long been rooted in racism & ridiculing black people. We need to STOP tolerating nonsense.”

Master KG should perhaps gather his legal team to sue the pants out of the music show that committed this offense. As it is, Master KG is gunning for big companies using the song for their benefit. Open Mic Productions’ lawyer Dumisani Motsamai spoke to Eye Witness News and slammed these major companies for profiting off of Master KG’s and Nomcebo’s hardwork.

“There has been a thin line. Some of them will show maybe their logo at the beginning and it’s all about the dance. But some of them when you look at them, it’s all about the brand, the company that is doing the challenge and little about the challenge.”

– ZAlebs