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Mzansi Fuming After A Black Leader Faces Racism Live On TV

South Africa is globally known for its painful history of apartheid and how black people were mistreated and killed like flies. Post apartheid, the country still struggles with racism and tribalism.

Already there is a lot of black on black hate, where one tribe believes that it is superior than the other, and xenophobia where foreign nationals are attacked verbally and physically by black South Africans who wish to see them gone from the motherland.

Whilst xenophobia and tribalism are bad, South Africans are also facing racism everyday and everywhere they go. Black people are quick to pull the race card especially when they feel that they are unfairly treated, which is once again the case that has made a certain news reporter from enca trend.

During the budget speech yesterday, Lindsay Detlinger who is the eNCA news reporter was interviewing leaders of opposition parties. When interviewing the leader of the Freedom Front Plus Peter Groenewald, Mzansi notices that he was not wearing a mask and the reporter did not care until she finished her interview.

However, the UDM leader who was a passerby was wearing a mask and the reporter stopped him for an interview. When he took off his mask, she asked him to wear it back on.

This left a very bitter taste on the mouths of many people who demand to know if Covid-19 is a black sickness and why the UDM leader was treated unfairly.

Some are looking at the bigger picture and ssy that the African man benefitted by wearing a mask in this incident, whereas the white man was at risk of contacting the virus as his mask was off.

Sadly, most refuse to understand why both leaders were not reminded to were masks and the reporter is said to be racist. Mzansi is demanding answers and this has made the news reporter trend for all the wrong reasons.