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Mzansi in awe after discovering the type of pills “Clement” from Skeem Saam was drinking

Skeem saam is currently most probably the talked about soap opera in South Africa, and,this is expected as it has excellent story lines with plot twists that are unimaginable. It is one unpredictable family show with only educational drama that aims to teach parents about parenting in certain ways, teenagers about behaving in certain ways, how the varsity life is like , how chasing money can be detrimental. Skeem Saam is a concoction of all these amazing dynamics that ordinary individuals find themselves into.

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Recently, the focus has been on the “Clement” character portrayed by Vusi Leremi. After coming out as a member of the LGBTQI+ community, his conservative grandmother is not willing to accept that he is gay. Furthermore, he gets mixed up in a romantic relationship with a married who lied about leaving his wife. As much expected, their relationship ended in tears after the wife caught them and the man chose his wife over him.

As a result, Clement saw it fit to try and commit suicide using certain pills and paraffin solution. If looked at closely, the type of pills he drank are dexopine pills. These are used for mental and emotional mood swings, also, anxiety and depression. Therefore, the pills on their own may not be harmful as Clement is already in a bad emotional state.

However, the paraffin can have some effects such as paraffin poisoning. In which it may not be harmful if it does not excess the lungs. So if his family quickly arrives, Clement may not die. – opera