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Mzansi Is Emotionally Disturbed By Today’s Episode Of #DateMyFamily

A lot of people are friends with people of the opposite gender. Some have taken it as far as getting a male or female best friend, who ends up getting overprotective and even ruins their friend’s relationships because they think that they have to approve a relationship first before their bestie gets involved.

Whilst this can be considered thoughtful, it might not be such a good idea because such people chase away potential partners, willingly or not.

Tonight’s episode of Date My Family was one of the shows that has brought the country into a standstill, as social media users are debating about what is acceptable and what should not be.

Soso, who was visiting families, found himself at the family where Sfiso was representing Lorato, a potential date. Apart from Mzansi being angry that Soso said that he would never be a step-dad when he visited the third family , there were many people who are defending him and say that there is nothing wrong a man having preferences.

The problem is Sfiso, who they found rude and many people are saying that his attitude towards Soso proves that he wants his best friend. Sfiso asked Soso during his visit of he has money, which made Mzansi angry and people started dragging him on social media saying that he does not have money himself as he cannot afford a haircut but gas a decency of asking Sosi if he has money.

People are asking why he got offended when Soso said that he dies not want to date a woman with a child yet he asked him if he is financially loaded.