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Mzansi Is Sh0cked After Black School Boys Did This To A White Teacher

Whenever a white person says or does anything that black people do not agree with, black people are quick to pull out the race card. The majority of South Africans are quick to use racism in their defence, and they forever blame the current white generation for whatever their forefathers did to black people.

This has gone as far as politicians misusing state funds then blame racism. Whilst it makes sense why the government introduced certain projects to help support black businesses seeing that many of them never made it in the past due to the apartheid regime, it does not make sense why the current white generation has to forever be excluded in certain roles due to the coloue of their skin.

In a video that is currently trending on social media, a group of black pupils were seen attacking a young white woman who seems to be their teacher. They were pulling her hair and laughing about it. This has made a lot of people angry, black and white. Some have sworn that their children would never do something like this and get away with it.

This is not only about racism towards the young woman, but Gender Based Violence as well. The amount of pain that she was subjected to when people laughed is sickening. None of them even thought of stopping the young man from what he was doing. They all watched, laughing and having fun. This is what the country has become, and it is quite sad.

A lot of people are calling for the arrest and suspension of the school boy. Now his academics will be cut short due to reckless behaviour. What happened to the spirit of ubuntu? What are childelren taught at home? It is said that racism is taught, where did they learn such hatred at such a tender age? This country is doomed.