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Mzansi Is Worried About What Was in that briefcase?

Several South Africans think there are good intentions behind this meeting. What gets to be it’s outcomes will obviously not be limited by what triggered it in the first place. However, as Malema and his team arrived in Nkandla, many were drawn to a big briefcase held by one of the men.

“What’s in the briefcase?” many people are curious. Some are speculating that there could be legal documents in the bag. They opine that Malema and Zuma are going to be discussing something that needs to be legally binding at the end of their meeting, no wonder Advocate Mpofu is part of it.

A simple tweet by EFF leader Julius Malema has given birth to the start of a new era in the political arena. “@PresJGZuma can we please have tea urgently?” Malema proposed.

Thobela Moshabi. I have seen your request to share a cup of tea. As you know, Nkandla village is home for me and that is where my time is spent these days. Tea I have plenty of, you are more than welcome to come over for a cup, Zuma did not hesitate to honor Malema’s request.

Today, the two political frenemies are meeting over a cup of tea at Zuma’s homestead in Nkandla. According to SABC journalist Samkele Maseko who’s witnessing the ‘tea date’ an Nkandla, the meeting will go in the books of History.

Malema and former EFF chairperson Advocate Dali Mpofu landed in a chopper here Nkandla. ANC NEC member Tony Yengeni was also part of the meeting.