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Lady Zamar Is Bleaching Her Skin It’s Been Noticed

Mzansi left in disbelief after noticing something about Lady Zamar in her recent pictures. Lady Zamar posted pictures on twitter wearing a beautiful dress. As you may be aware when it comes to social media people like to search for mistakes or faulty things in people’s pictures.

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This is because making fun of others is something they enjoy doing. In this case people zoomed one of Lady Zamar’s pictures and discovered something strange about her hands.

Basically her hands were darker than her face. This made people think that she was bleaching her skin, because in most cases that’s what happens when one is bleaching their skin. Even though some people were focused on how dark her hands were and accusing her of bleaching. There were people who thought she looked beautiful irregardless of what people were saying about her. See her picture below and people’s reactions aswell;