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Mzansi Left Off Gut After Brenda Fassie’s Son Reveal Reason Why People Don’t Want To Work With Him

What happens to Bongani just broke my heart. Just after the death of his mother all of his friends ignore him. This is so sad. So they were only friends with Bongani since he’s MaBr’s son, hence when she passed away, they also disappeared. Every one has turned and does not want to work with him even his friends. He had to learn that some think is because his to big, too loud and unnecessary reasons.

It’s sad how Lance Stephenson has destroy his career. The guy is said to have reputation of destroying other people’s career. Mzansi were left shock after Bongani said that Snoop Dogg wanted to take him with him to the states and it got ruined? He said the next morning he received news the “Bongani turned Snoop Dogg down”.

This Lance Stehr is a devil in a sheep’s skin. Satan, even Zola said on podcast with MacG that Lance played a big role on destroying his career

Chicco Twala knows am not Afraid of him. Lance Stehr knows am not afraid of him. CCPE knows am not afraid of them. Sipho Dlamini knows am not afraid of them” ~ Mam Mercy Pakela.

We need more musicians like her who will fight for musicians rights.

I don’t know why this whole Bongani thing breaks my heart. South Africa let’s pray for Bongani to win.A Jozi reunion please! Bongani looking for Ishmael they must do something together again. One thing about this Bongani boy is he is talented.