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Mzansi Left Speechless After Sis Thembi Exposed Two Girls In #Dlozi Lami

In this episode Sis Thembi was helping a family who seem clarity on the things that has been going on. The family seek clarity on what happen to their sister’s accident. Apparently the sister died in a car accident and the father of her kids are denying her mother access to see the children.

One thing I like about Thembi, is that she always makes reference to biblical practices e.g. incense, prayer, the Bible, cleansing via an offering not to ancestors but to God, covering your house and family with the blood of Jesus.

Sis Thembi has revealed something secret that no one wasn’t expecting to hear. She revealed that her grandmother took her because she didn’t want to go alone. She wanted something to accommodate her. Out of everyone who was in a car it her only couldn’t survive.

Fellow people your houses need to be strengthened whether it’s with a cross at the door, Bible, sage, or sea salt or prayer b/c you do not know what demons you are fighting at night when you’re asleep.

She has also revealed the other lady who said she is married while she’s not. What the grandmother said was powerful yuh especially regarding sis’s career. You can’t be doing wife duties without being lobolad fully declares the Underground

How can shr marry someone she don’t know”…the underground gang don’t approve doing wife duties if Lobola isn’t paid in full

Sis Thembi also expose the Oslina of doing abortion byt she denied what Sis Thembi was telling her. Oslina was trying to find an excuse. She did abortion she took something that killed the baby.

People do not understand that even if you have a miscarriage ungazi nokuthubumithi kusayihlwile that baby grows edlozini uthole sumdala ukuthi kanti wake wamitha ungazi #DloziLami izinto zama spirits zi deep kakhulu. people need to understand these things.

Oslina shouldn’t have drank something knowing very well she one month pregnant and stop making excuses for what the ancestors are revealing.