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Mzansi Magic cancels The Queen!

POPULAR TV channel Mzansi Magic has decided to cancel its telenovela, The Queen.

According to the channel, it decided to do so because it wanted to keep abreast with changing audience preferences and the evolving competitor landscape.

“The success of our local strategy depends on how well we adapt to what our viewers desire to see on their screens,” read the statement.

Although the telenovela was coming to an end, viewers would continue to enjoy it until the final episode on 13 January.

According to the channel, a new telenovela would be introduced into the weekday 9pm slot, to replace The Queen.

“New content is still under development and will be announced in due course.”

Additionally, 1Magic’s Lingashoni is also being cancelled after two seasons. Produced by Stained Glass TV, Lingashoni will come to an end on 16 March 2023.

Despite cancelling two of its flagship shows, the channel said it would maintain long-standing and positive relationships with Ferguson Films and Stained Glass TV.

“Our strategy is still focused on growing our local content offering. It is what drives our growth and viewership figures. We are committed to giving our discerning audiences content they can relate to and see themselves in.” – Daily Sun