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Mzansi Men Share The Things That Women Wear Which Irritate Them

The saying men are from Mars and women are from Venus is as clear as day when it comes to the other gender trying to understand why women do or behave a certain way.

Taking to twitter, the men of social media were asked what some of the things that women wear which irritates them and the list happened to be quite endless.

The ladies who were present in the conversation were also torn about some of the items that were raised, also agreeing that they are indeed very unnecessary. Maybe this will help the women out there who have been dying to know what men consider a “no no” for women to wear.

Here are some of the hilarious answers that came from the other gender.

“Fake bums tight ass… Khona owake wangigila”

“Smaller bra size, especially ladies with big breasts, lapho usisi will be busy half the time trying to squeeze them twins as they attempt to pop out“

“Pumps I hate pumps yoooh why Mara who the fuck thought of pumps? They don’t even pump shit they flat as f*ck“

“Lingerie as a top. It’s for the bedroom but here you are at the mall with it. Njani???”

“It’s more of what they don’t wear for me. Wear a bra if you have soggy breasts please. Ibele maliwile, vuma and don’t force things”

“Nose rings.. Especially those that looks like anti-sucking device”

“These new mapiono generation tights trend that probably suits on 17 and 18 year olds being worn by abosisteri abadala like 24 year olds and above. Jeeeeeer”

“Those shiny “leather” pants“

“Pyjamas inside shops and malls, mostly are my Black sister, you embarrassing us, marha why heee”

“Those fake GG belts”

“Anything that is snake print”

There you have it ladies, we hope some of you who are guilty of the above will take the advice in to account but, then again like most of the women who responded to some of these answers, you could just carry on doing what works for you.