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Mzansi ordered to respect Anele Ngcongca’s widow and stop talking about his past with Mshoza

Twitter users have taken a stand for soccer star Anele Ngcongca’s widow, Linda Racaza. This is after people on social media were linking Anele to Mshoza because of their past relationship.

Anele died in a car crash on Monday morning, while Mshoza died from diabetes complications last week. Since the news of Anele’s death, people have been posting pictures of Mshoza and Anele, talking about their relationship.

Anele Ngcongca’s widow

This didn’t sit well with some tweeps, who have asked others to stop with the pictures and respect Anele’s family.

Anele’s sister, Simbulele Gobelo, shared how heartbroken she was about his death. She also retweeted a tweet by Vicky Vee Jonas. Vicky tweeted: “Guys please respect Anele Ngconca’s family please! He has an entire family! Leave Mshoza out of this.

Anele Ngcongca’s widow

Another user wrote:“Guys, please respect Anele Ngcongca’s family.It can happen to you or your family member. Leave Mshoza out of this. In fact, respect Mshoza’s death.It is so painful to both of these two families. RIP legends.”

Another tweep wrote: “You guys are insensitive kodwa. Anele Ngcongca has a wife guys. Why are you focusing on his past with Mshoza? Niyadika.”

Linda has been posting pictures of Anele and their family on Instagram since the news of his death.