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Mzansi take off their hats for Mangcobo from #Uzalo

Mangcobo from Uzalo who wasplay a king Part of Kwamashu plsys her last part of Uzalo yesterday.

“Today is the last day, I’ve been in Uzalo since the day it started, 7 years ago. Some of my fans were begging me to stay on the show.

” They said Generations to never be the same without Karabo Moroka and the show still in the game of show business. I won’t be surprised if I hear that Jacob Zuma will appear on uzalo they just bring everyone in that drama to make it viewable.

I love her more as Mazet in Locdown..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️On behalf of Uzalo followers, we really appreciate ur role u played all these years and we also wish you all the bests Mangcobo. U are the best actress ❤️❤️❤️

We thank you as you graced our screens with such performance may the Lord lead you to green pastures god bless you and you are loved by many in mzansi. We salute you as your fans and we appreciate your role you played all these years

😊 but now that u are leaving uzalo we are all heart broken 💔😓 and now that you will be gone there will be a difference 😌kodwa farewell ✊we love you so much 😌❤️. No words can describe how broken my heart is 💔 that, i won’t being seeing maNgcobo.All the best sis DAWN, hoping by God is mercy along the future.. will be lovely to see you working with Ms Vivica A.Fox😅🤩u know your work.Farewell ma’boulevard.God Bless.”said a Facebook followers