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Mzansi Top Five most hated actors of 2021

In the entertainment industry, fans opinions sometimes may make or break an actor’s career. This year fans have gone from threatening to boycott some shows if some characters are not written off to sometimes even attacking the actors in real life because of a character they play on TV. Here are Mzansi top five most hated actors of 2021.

Scandal’s Captain Bohang

Thabo Gabriel Malema played this character. His character annoyed all South Africans who watched the soapie. He played the part of Seipati’s abusive ex-boyfriend, who she ran away from. Bohang was very manipulative and used his position at the police station to get away with his selfish behaviour. Even though his character let us in on the mind of an abuser, fans of the show hated him. Viewers went as far as threatening to stop watching the show to prove how much they hated him. He has earned himself the nickname “Dumela Seipati’ among viewers.

Oby Ubudu

The talented Khabonina Qubeka played this character. Oby was Phakade’s love interest, but she had ulterior motives. These were to avenge her twin brother, who Ayanda killed. She practised black magic and ate people’s livers for powers. The witchcraft left a lot of viewers with a sour taste in their mouths. Fans attacked the producers of the show for promoting evil because of Oby.

Boniswa in Scandal

Lusanda Mbane plays the role of this notorious villain you can’t help but love and hate simultaneously. Boniswa had killed her baby daddy, drugged her son, planned the murder of her son-in-law. Fans started complaining when she manipulated her way into Mamba’s household and tricked Aya into signing over her inheritance. She was found out when she had Aya kidnapped. Grace killed her off, and Boniswa’s children helped cover for Grace. Fans were delighted after Boniswa was written off like that.

Zandile (Durban Gen)

Sthandwa Nzuza played the part os Zandile. She is Precious’ best friend turned enemy. These two were very close, and their problems started when Precious invited Zandile into her home to stay with them temporarily. Zandile has an affair with Thabo, who is married to Precious. Zandile becomes obsessed with wanting to have Thabo all to herself that she threatens her friend with secrets they had shared as friends. Fans hated her character and used her as an example of never to trust any friend.

Faith Zwide in House of Zwide

Winnie Ntshaba plays the role of this woman who would go to extreme lengths just for power and money. She kills her husband’s first wife to get Funani, and Faith then kills her mother-in-law to keep the secret that Ona is Funani’s daughter. She has earned her seat on the most hated actors of 2021. Fans of the show feel that the writers are dragging her storyline, and they want it to be sped up as they are tired of the predictable storyline. Some even threatened to boycott the show if Faith’s secrets kept being dragged out.

Sometimes fans can go overboard with their love for these TV soapies that they can not differentiate between the character and the person. This has led to people like Zonke Mchunu being attacked because of their TV characters.