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Mzansi TV Soapie Relationships That Broke Our Hearts

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of on screen love stories, most of which ending in tears but deep down were our soapie couple goals! Here are a few of our favourite soapie relationships that we will never forget.

Sbu and Thandeka (Isibaya)
Top of our all time favourite couples has to be Sbu and Thandeka. Thandeka’s death was probably the most heartbreaking couple of episodes on TV this year. While Sbu might move on, we haven’t and probably never will. Of all on screen relationships, we are sure they deserved better. They had their whole lives planned together, the plans to their mansion all laid out neatly… A love that stopped wars. Literally.

Lerato and Sechaba (Isidingo)
After surviving Lerato’s cancer and everything else that the couple went through, it came as a shock when they couldn’t work things out. The soapie couple that we watched grow together.

Jabu and Zama (Isibaya)
Jabu and Zama gave us a glimpse into love that we will always treasure. The one soapie couple that showed us what a nightmare truly is- death at your own wedding. It doesn’t matter how many women Jabu dates, Ntombizamangwenya will always be the one for us. Would it be so bad if Isibaya raised Zama from the dead?

Little Dinny and Paul (Generations)
Of course Tau and Karabo were Generations’ ‘it’ couple but take a moment to remember Dineo, played by Katlego Danke fighting for the love of her life who had disappeared and finally finding him at his death bed. The literal meaning of till death do us part. We are still healing.

Thembeka and Quinton (Scandal)
We are not sure Quinton will ever find another love like Thembeka. The literal meaning of a toxic relationship. Minus Thembeka’s manipulation, you have to admit the love was real. When Thembeka came back and made up with Quinton, for a second we believed but we all know how that turned out.

Kagiso and Amo (The Queen)
We all knew a drug dealer and police man’s daughter was a disaster waiting to happen but for a second we truly loved them together.

Zolani and Tumi (The River)
We are truly convinced The River has a serious anti-happiness campaign and never want to see soapie relationships workout. Zozo and Tumi were the couple that gave us real couple of goals. Yes Zolani had to do a couple of mean things but we will never forgive The River for making them siblings.

– Savanna