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SAD: Another KING from another TRIBE passed away

Bad news does not cease, as more important people in our lives continue to pass away. When leaders pass away, their deaths can be felt, and the same thing happened with king Zwelithini in the past week. The Zulu nation was saddened, as their favorite King left this planet and everyone was deeply touched.

Kings and Queens are part of our culture, they need to be respected, as they are the closest leaders we have in our comminutes, that can escalate our problems and even solve the possible ones.

Things have changed, sometimes it is even difficult to recognize a King and a Queen, by the way they are wearing. The attire has lost its respect and honors, as they continue to wear modern clothes and pretend to be like ordinary people.

To see how pivotal the royal family is in our history and culture, King Zwelithini’s memorial service was attended by both Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa, to show that a legend has passed away and they want to pay tribute to his passing and pay their deepest condolences.

Not everyone gets the opportunity to be buried by the president. By nature presidents have a tied schedule and they cannot attend everyone’s funeral, despite their profile or popularity. For the fact that the royal family is part of the South African culture, they are forced to do so.