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Musician Nadia Nakai speaks out about being ‘ugly-shamed’

Like many celebrities, Nadia Nakia has had her fair share of online hate.

But while many stars brush off the haters with some fiery clap backs, the rapper admits that cyberbullying hurts.

One of the Naaa Mean hitmaker’s most ridiculed moments online happened in February last year when a picture of her without make-up went viral.

Twitter users said that she looked like a completely different person and some went as far as ugly-shaming her.

Things got messy when some Isidingo characters discussed the trending topic on the soapie.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Nadia says that she tries to ignore online hate as best she can, but it does take its toll.

“I don’t think I have totally got over it. I think I fool myself a lot, to be honest. I have been preaching self-worth, because if I don’t it can affect my music. I have gone through a lot of media slashing and cyber bullying; I can’t say it has made me a better person.
I think if any of it happened again, I’ll still be hurt.”

Nadia added that surrounding herself with positive people helps.

“You need to find people who see the value in you when no one else does. People who feel you are worth it and will pass through this stormy period.”

Source: All4Women