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Nandi Madida Put L-Tido In His Place

Nandi Madida has moved swiftly to correct L-Tido after the rapper made a suggestive and arguably inappropriate comment about women being corrupted by “Jozi”.

L-Tido has made more than a number of questionable statements in the past few years and they almost always seem to be about women (Exhibit A) and it looked like he made yet another one this week when he tweeted:

“Joburg has ruined so many good girls from out of town”.

While the tweet might seem valid (let’s face it, a lot of young people get lost in the Joburg sauce before they find their feet and some make it, while others sadly don’t) the issue came with Tido insinuating that:

1. It was only girls/women who fell prey to the lifestyle traps
2. It was somehow Joburg’s fault.

We’re curious to see what the social media manager behind @CityOfJoburgZA might have said about this but while we were waiting for their opinion, someone else stepped in with a sensible comment: uMama kaShaka, Nandi Madida, who was quick to correct L-Tido’s comments when she said:

“My friend Jozi is just a city with buildings, restaurants, businesses etc. as someone from out of jhb you make what you will from this city. It can be an amazing city, full of incredible opportunities, but it’s all about your intention when being here like any place.”


Instead of arguing with Nandi, however, we were pleased to see L-Tido taking a moment to learn from her womanly wisdom and before long we got confirmation that he agreed with her corrected statement when he retweeted her reply.

Nandi was not the only one who spat wisdom in the face of L-Tido’s tweet. Many others pointed out just how biased he had been in his initial comment. One particurlaly insightful tweep wrote:

“If something isn’t for you the it won’t get you ….maybe Joburg helped them realise who they are .So many girls from “out of town ” come and become successful here Bru …”

While several others were keen to point out the role that men played in “ruining” these girls:


What do you think of L-Tido’s claim about Joburg ruining “out of town” girls?

Source: ZAlebs