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“Natasha, You Don’t Make A Baby With A Guy Like Lorch”- Slik Talk

Actress Natasha Thahane stunned her legion of fans with her big pregnancy announcement this morning. The announcement was well received on social media and many are happy that she is going to be a first time mother but, Slik Talk is not impressed at all.

The controversial YouTuber did not mince his words when he slammed the actress for falling pregnant with her boyfriend’s Thembinkosi Lorch’s child. Although Natasha hasn’t confirmed who her baby daddy is, it is public knowledge that she and Lorch are an item.

Slik Talk said Natasha has made the biggest mistake of her life citing that Lorch will forever disappoint her. “This is one of the worst mistakes you’ve ever made in your life, you don’t beg on a guy like Lorch. He is a complete liability , a fraud and overhyped media darling. He will disappoint you every time.

He went on to say that Lorch is an embarrassment who is failing dismally on the field. “You don’t make a baby with a guy like Lorch, he is an embarrassment. I’m an Orlando Pirates supporter. Do you know how much money I’ve lost because of this clown? You know how much embarrassment I’ve had to take because of this clown? He just embarrassed us on the weekend and you gonna be impregnated by a clown like Lorch.

He went on to weigh in on Natasha’s acting career. He said the actress cannot continue to play Wendy Dlamini on Netflix’s Blood & Water because she would have been a mother soon. Natasha plays the character of a high school teenage girl on the show and Slik Talk is adamant that she cannot play this character anymore.

“How are you going to justify to Blood and Water to play a teenager when you have a whole baby, you think it’s going to let you play an 18 year old when you have a baby. That’s not gonna happen. Natasha we all know that as a female actor when you have a baby in your 20s it’s probably one of the biggest mistakes you ever made in your life. Having a baby in your 20s it’s a mistake because it removes you from so many roles. You can’t play a teenager and a college girl anymore.

In closing he dissed Lorch’s football skills saying he is not talented “Lorch in my opinion you are an embarrassment, you are a terrible football player and you’ve had only 1 good season,” he said.

Slik Talk is no stranger to drama and he does not like some of SA celebs. The YouTuber is always dragging celebs for filth and it does not look good. He recently dragged Lasizwe and Big Zulu after Riky Rick’s passing saying they are “clout chasers.”

Big Zulu threatened to teach him a lesson but he hit back. “…so I woke up this morning to find that I am being threatened by Big Zulu talking about when he sees me he’s gonna slap me…This is the same Big Zulu that I met at the Cassper Nyovest boxing match and this man was smelling like cow pee and now all of a sudden he is a tough guy?” Slik talk said.