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New Couple Alert: Makhadzi And Zwi Lwams?

Performer Makhadzi has finally moved on from ex boyfriend Master KG. But because of all the bad press she received after introducing the producer as her boyfriend, she is determined to keep her private life under wraps.

It seems the singer has already moved on with a Venda businessman if these pictures are anything to go by.

He has been sponsoring a lot of her gigs under his company. He never misses any of Makhadzi’s gigs and the two are always seen together. His name is Zwivhuya Nelwamondo, the Chief Executive Officer at Lwams Africa.

Apparently they have also been photography in the same places and it’s easy to see if you place their pictures side by side.

In other news, a picture where the Matorokisi hitmaker was chilling with Mampintsha, was posted by a social media user who then mocked Makhadzi by saying the photo was photoshopped.

Even though she always stays silent and mizes the negativity, she decided to hit back this time, “The most beautiful girl I know. Ngi muhle shame (I am beautiful). I am the girl.”

She also received responses from people who are in disbelief about her age, because she is 24. When one said they could not believe that she is 24, Makhadzi hit back by saying she looks 16, implying that drinking water helps a lot.

Others applauded her for standing up to trolls, “Sometimes I don’t understand people that tell a person she is ugly. Where on earth are you from guys? That’s embarrassing. Makhadzi you’re very beautiful sis.” Another also hit back by saying, “Beauty measured using European standards and spectacles on Africans continues to this day, we see this trend on beauty pageants, you must be thin to be beautiful, it’s a disgrace and degrading to Africans by Africans, but we are black and we are beautiful.”

Another commended her beauty saying she looks good, “Very beautiful. That’s why I first thought its Photoshop,” Makhadzi then replied by hyping herself even more, “The girl is original.”

Currently the singer is excited about hitting another major milestone. Her music video for Murahu amassed more than 3 million views. “Aa wee…thank you very much for the support guys. Murahu music video on 3m views. Zwanda Zwanda!”

This is a major achievement for Makhadzi because the music videos were recently uploaded again last year after her former manager Rita Dee deleted them in order to cut ties with her. Taking to Twitter Makhadzi held nothing back when she accused Rita of robbing her by deleting the videos and not giving her a cent for her music. “The only thing I did was to ask my money from my ex manager for my previous album Matorokisi and money for my royalties, what she did was to claim my money and delete all my video from YouTube including Riyanvenda 10 million views and Matorokisi 8 millionviews. I didn’t get a cent from my album.”

– ZAlebs