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New details on lady who jumped off a building in Dubai emerge

New details on the death of a twenty-three-year-old Ugandan ‘slay queen’, Kurungi Monic who jumped off a building in Dubai have come to light amid social media attempts to unravel the reasons why she took her own life.

Monic threw herself off a seventh-floor window of the Al Fahad building in Duban on Sunday morning. She is said to have been living in Dubai as a student and also worked informal part-time jobs.

Her gruesome death was captured on video by onlookers who later posted it on social media leading to a public stir over the effects of the alleged labour and s.e.xual exploitations of African women in Dubai.

News365.co.za reported on a previous Miss Monic story, videos from Monic’s Instagram account showed a brighter side of the Instagram model who seemed like she was enjoying a fancy and untroubled life in Dubai and loved to show off her petite [email protected] body.

Social media has given her a posthumous honorific of a ‘slay queen’ – colloquial for flashy ladies whose lifestyles are taken care of by rich men in exchange for s.e.xual pleasures.

Social media devotees under her thirst trap account expressed that she did not give out any hint of being troubled or depressed from her content.

However, one big Ugandan tabloid paper DailyExpress claims to have been reliably informed that it was not always rosy it seemed for Monic.

The paper further claims Monic took her own life after discovering that her long-term boyfriend back in Uganda wedded someone else over the weekend – behind her back. She is said to have failed to handle it and took her own life by jumping off a building.

These are some of many unverified claims being reported online. The publication cannot independently confirm if they are true or false.