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News anchor Samkelo Maseko kicked out of eNCA building like a Dog

NEWS anchor Samkelo Maseko got into a Twitter war with his boss Kanthan Pillay yesterday. This after he took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce that he had resigned from eNCA. Maseko had taken offence after Pillay, who had contested this year’s general elections through his new party Capitalist Party of South Africa (ZACP), tweeted that “rats were swimming towards a sinking ship”. The statement was understood to mean that Maseko was a rat who was going to join a struggling news organisation.

Maseko hit back and accused Pillay of using his new position to settle political scores and claimed that he treated him badly after he resigned. Do (you) want me to speak about how you threw me out of the @eNCA building like a dog who had stolen something .

“How you came to my desk and said I should pack my shit and follow you to HR. You are heartless and unethical. Denying some chance to serve a notice period,” said Maseko in his tweets. He had earlier thanked those who contributed to his journey and apologised to his former colleagues for leaving without saying goodbye.

“Thank you for all those who have contributed to a journey that started off as a boot camper in 2014, later to return in 2017 as a reporter under Ngiphiwe Mhlangu. Thank you, Jeremy Maggs for everything,” he tweeted.

When called for comment, Samkelo said:

“I left because I got a better offer from another media organisation.”