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NKANDLA: The SAPS has given up

Zulu regiments singing traditional war songs at the gates of the home of former President Jacob Zuma. They are led by Inkosi Bhekumuzi Zuma of the Zuma clan of Nkandla which the former president falls under. The Inkosi & leader of the regiments are carrying guns.

It is such questions that expose how naive some people are. They never said they’ll stop the army. They say “over our dead bodies”. But then knowing who was responsible for Marikana ,he will only be2pleased to let another bloodbath happen. With people like you watching gleefully

When the dust settles, the law will stand and hooligans will be no more. If people chose to die to protect the constitutional delinquent, is their choice. No nywenywe Ranaphosa is killing us. The law must take please

Sometimes you have to sit down and think without emotion..

First of all nothing in this life is coincidental, it is all planned!

Secondly the two cases lost were not meant to absolve Zuma nor Mkhwebane, they were meant to expose the captured and biased judiciary.

WHy do We use the WORD “Regiments” like we by default hv an acceptance of a Warlike character that is pregnant with disregard of the law, which can easily lead us to loss of lives.? Or i misunderstand the Word”regiment”?

I want to tell you the truth,you publishing every minute of this in nkandla is seeking validity from all over that this pple are armed and are threatening government so their deaths is justified before they get killed on monday.