Home Politics No minister in the ANC is useless as this one

No minister in the ANC is useless as this one

A lost soul Picture. Should be able to see When Procedures are being ignored instead he Glorified the Mistake by denouncing Zuma before doing due diligence yet he’s Justice min God have Mercy on such.
This one has destroyed the solid foundation which was created by Masuthu. He paved a foundation for black lawyers to be put first in all government matters, and this Chauke, came along and destroyed it all. No law experience, just holding questionable masters with no court exp
Mina I still think they are all useless struuu… Was hoping the younger ones will at least guide the pensioners.. Mara hayi they all the same…. Do you know that he went to Dubai without warrant, and gossiped about Gupta’s hoping to get extradition? And was told to Voetsek? And came back to write a formal extradition request?
Minister Aaron Motsoaledi as Health Minister of course in the previous cabinet stood out for me. There iscthis Collins Shabane (RIP) what A game changer he is!!!