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No night club performances for amapiano gogo

MZANSI has fallen in love with the new amapiano sensation, Gogo Gee Six Five. Many look forward to watching her perform.

But the mother of four said she will only perform during the day and at government events.

“These are my performing conditions,” said Gee Six Five, real name Olpha Selepe (65) from Newcastle, KZN.

“My singing career will not change me from being a real mother,” she said.

Gee Six Five became popular in Mzansi with her debut amapiano single, Obani Lababantu.

“Performing at nightlife entertainment venues will make people think I’ve lost my mind. Night life event organisers must forget about me. Even if they offer me large amounts of money I will not go.If the event will force me to perform after 3pm, they must not bother booking me.”

She said there was tension between her and her children when she told them she was planning to release a song.

“My children were against my dream and I was forced to go behind their back to record the song. because I knew they were going to say no,” she said.

“I’m happy it’s water under the bridge now.”Everyone is happy with my success. My kids were the ones who told me my song was number on iTunes.”

Gee Six Five is a retired teacher and currently doing her PhD at the University of KZN.