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No one should die of #Covid19 and No one will die if they take advise we give

If the Minister of Communication can use the capacity we have like community radio, to educate our people on methods to recover from Covid19 the natural way like

– Wake up and take walks in the sun (Vitamin D, Circulation, ventilation)

– Drink a concoction (As I normally post)

– Steam

-Do breathing technique

-Drink Umhlonyane properly

– Avoid dairy and eat more fruits and vegetables

– Drink a lot of warm water with lemon

– Maintain a positive spirit

Minister of Agriculture avail resources to ensure we have lemons, garlics, ginger, moringa, steaming herbs and that we don’t focus more on western medication which our people cant afford and run a campaign to ensure we provide these nutrients they give people in supplements straight from food

Zinc is in spinach and broccoli

Vitamin C is in many citrus foods

Vitamin D is in the sun

Immune booster in Moringa

Just these two Ministries. They run a campaign…No one will die of Covid19

But we want vaccine…Without even speaking about merits of this vaccine, I was readying how its going to be administered, just the transportation, storage, security, training of staff to administer it..I’m thinking SA Government doesn’t have the capacity to administer it. We are still struggling to ensure there is panado in clinics..We will need to invest more on infrastructure to administer this vaccine than procuring vaccine itself. But that time how many people will be buried?

South Africa let’s take matters into our hands. Let’s ensure every family is reached with this recovery techniques. Let’s all be our family and community Doctors and run community campaigns to spread the message of recovery

No one should die of Covid19 and No one will die if they take advise we give