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No Social Distance But They Were Criticising Zuma Supporters For The Same Thing

No social distance but they were critical of the same thing during the day on Zuma supporters.

This is something that has caught the attention of members of the public, especially after they saw the journalist at the media briefing that was held by Jacob Zuma, his family members, legal team as well as Dali Mpofu.

It was clear that the media had ulterior motives with Jacob Zuma as they continued to ask him about the wearing of a masks, and their adhering to the covid-19 restrictions especially with his supporters outside his home but Jacob Zuma said that it was not his concern because he is not the one who called them and told them to gather in huge numbers.

He said that the journalist should ask those members of the public who had gathered at his home about adherence to covid-19 regulations not ask him about their decisions because it is not something that he did.

The media briefing was made for them to clarify on some matters, not to ask questions about covid-19 restrictions adherence. The media briefing was because of how they had to clarify what was going to happen, now that the Constitutional Court has considered to rescind his 15 months sentence.

The journalists kept pointing out that Jacob Zuma was also not wearing a mask during those gatherings when he briefly stepped out, and celebrated the new stance of the Constitutional Court.

Those questions were really sensitive to him as we saw him getting emotional but some of them he laughed at because they were busy repeating the same thing, they ended up having to point out that those journalists were also not adhering to covid-19 regulations as they had chosen to gather along with those supporters in order to get their scoop.

This shows exactly the hypocrisy that the journalists were practicing especially when having to question Jacob Zuma, it is there where it was pointed out that some of them were being biased when it comes to Jacob Zuma, they would rather see him blamed for no reason whatsoever.

So they kept pointing fingers at him and saying he is the one who caused the supporters to gather, and he’s the one who did not advise them to adhere to the covid-19 regulations despite the fact that they are individuals who make their own decisions.