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Nonhle Jali: When I fly out of SA, I’m single and available

Nonhle Jali is at it again, taking a swipe at her soccer player husband’s wallet. In another Instagram story video that emerged on social media, the former “Diski Divas” star is heard dissing her husband’s finances, alluding that he must be assisted – because with his soccer player salary from Sundowns, is not enough to finance lavish lifestyle that includes expensive restaurants and “ivy league” schools for their daughter.

Nonhle Jali is seen in a restaurant with her daughter, who recently passed Matric with flying colours, she’s heard saying that her man needs help (financially) “because we deserve finer things in life.

She says: “Let me let you in on something, my marriage certificate is only valid within the borders of South Africa. When I leave SA, my marriage certificate becomes null and void…when I fly to another country, I’m single and available.” It all started when Jali (Nonhle) went live on her Instagram page where she decided to come for the women that were sliding into her husband’s DMs.

She went on to say that women with their Peruvian weaves who want to eat up his money and her school fees money must know that she is the “Head Office”. Furthermore, she stated that she is in charge of all his bank cards and that when she found him he was a skroplaap (a rag) then she was able to upgrade him to a normal washcloth.

Though she later apologised, stating that she was joking, many social media users think the former reality TV star is seeking relevance and attention, others labelled her a bitter wife, on a quest to humiliate her husband.

Cynthia Sunamang wrote: “This woman is out of order…what is she doing saying all these things on social media? The other day she was saying she turned a “skroplap”(which is andile) into who he is and then came back and said she was joking…now this🤷🏽‍♀️??? What’s wrong with her? I mean even if u joke like that with your partner, it’s fine do so in the bedroom where nobody can hear u, just don’t do it out in public hleng…it’s disrespectful.”

“Glad She sounds and behaves like an unhappy wife, desperately looking for attention. I foresee a divorce soon, added another social media user Ya-Ithatang. “Imagine saying your mans salary is too small 4 your lifestyle le di ivy league schools. Your own husband that you are supposed to cover his nakedness as a wife, she’s exposing him. I don’t believe he can’t afford her but still protect ur man’s integrity#,” commented @GypsyShudu

Tweeps are still shocked, with many wondering what ignited this social media outburst.