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Nonhle Thema quits alcohol: See reason why

First off congratulations to Nonhle Thema are in order. Giving up alcohol is a huge feat and should never be taken lightly.

Of course, our congratulations would stop there if she didn’t drag everyone else into it. Nonhle Thema, former South African sweetheart, has been without alcohol for a year. To that we say

We love babes who are health conscious and doing the most to take care of their well-being. But, unfortunately all good things have to come to an end. Our shortlived congratulations paused abruptly when she said ‘Mandela didn’t go to jail for 27 years for us to be drunkards’. Haw’, sisi

It’s all good and dandy to celebrate, but singenaphi? Mandela fought for the rights of many a black people to own their agency. So, if abantu want to have a young glass every now and then, then hey, it’s freedom that was fought for. We’re still proud of you babes, keep flying the flag high. Always choose health and don’t judge those who haven’t arrived to that choice yet.

Source: ZAlebs