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Nonku Williams Praised For Finally Admitting She Has A Drinking Problem

Reality show star Nonku Williams, has left many people reaching for the tissues after finally confessing that she has drinking problems.

This season on The Real Housewives of Durban, the ladies have been worried about Nonku’s drinking problem. They have confronted her numerous times about this, but she has refused to acknowledge it. Nonku felt the ladies were judging her, but in the latest episode of the show, she finally poured her heart out and brought everyone to tears.

Nonku revealed that she is struggling with alcoholism. She says at times she drinks excessively to escape the harsh realities of life. She went on to reveal that she she is feeling overwhelmed in life.

“I’ve been hinting that I am going through some stuff, you know. Mostly its pressure because there’s just a lot on my plate, you know. A lot of things that I am dealing with, being a single parent and everything is on me. I don’t want to call it a burden but at times I just feel so alone.”

Nonku also revealed that she takes anxiety pills, “I had to really look into this thing that you guys say you are concerned about. I can maybe say or confess that at times I would drink to escape reality and I just can’t cope. I live on anxiety pills by the way. I take them to go to bed at times cause there’s just so much that I am dealing with I feel like there’s so much expectations,” she said.

Tweeps have hailed her for opening up about her drinking problems.

Just recently, Nonku Williams spoke to Drum magazine and shared that the hate she receives on the show sometimes gets to be too much to handle to the point where, at certain points, she would lock herself in her room and cry the entire weekend.

“I remember at some point I spent the whole weekend in bed, I didn’t want to go anywhere, I just stayed in bed because the comments on social media really devastated me at some point,” she explained.

As a result, she no longer takes the comments so personally. Particularly since the people who say these bad things do not know her very well. “But being the resilient Nonku, I told myself to get up because these comments are coming from people who don’t know me in real life. That resilience made me develop a thick skin. At the end of the day, I can’t control what people say about me, and it’s not like I can change because I don’t know how to be anyone else,” she told the publication.

Nonku has been hailed for carrying this season on her back and being authentic. – ZAlebs