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Not all that glitters is Gold: Nomonde and Mabutho

Nomonde is back at home seems like she’s been gone for long for her not to know that Mabutho was Tumi’s husband. Mabutho is playing with fire and taking chances with Nomonde not knowing that she is her boss in a way. Basically they both in a mess and this pretense and deception will not end well for both of them especially Nomonde.

Mabutho is faking everything that he claims to have for the sake of Nomonde, no one saw this side of Mabutho coming out as he’s always appeared as someone who always speak sense and seems to be matured. He is a perfect definition of do not judge the book by its cover. Infect it is clear that when it comes to his weakness he changes his beliefs and throws them by the window. As for Nomonde she will be a victim in this case and she really didn’t do anything to be played by Mabutho like this.

However it seems as if Nomonde is catching feelings for Mabutho while she barely knows him. Would she accept Mabutho as he is if she happens to find out who he really is?

What would you do if you were in Mabutho’s position?Will Nomonde be able to face the bitter truth of Mabutho. How will Mabutho cater for all the fake life that he’s brought to himself, how will he maintain it as it is costly.

Mabutho’s character is teaching us that the grass looks greaner on the other because it’s fake. His lies might catch up with him anytime soon. Not all that glitters is gold Nomonde will learn that the hard way.

Is it because Mabutho doesn’t trust himself that he’s acting to be someone he’s not. How long will his lies go unnoticed? Chances are very slim of these two to have a proper relationship after this deception.

It seems as if there’s more drama that will unfold between these two. Not all that glitters is gold.