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Ntsiki Mazwai says Zodwa is a bigger force than Bonang

Ntsiki Mazwai had the internet in chaos mode on Thursday, when she compared Bonang Matheba and Zodwa Wabantu, saying the dancer was a “bigger force”.

Ntsiki has been throwing shade at Queen B, but took it to a whole new level when she said Bonang would not have the same impact without her Woolworths deal.

Ntsiki went on to compare Bonang to Zodwa, who she said would not lose any shine if she lost a deal.

“It’s gonna hurt you when I tell you that Zodwa is a bigger force than Bonang because when you take Woolworths away from Bonang what do you have??? No deal you can take away from Zodwa. She will continue,” Ntsiki wrote.

The artist also took aim at Black Coffee.

Ntsiki faced the B-force firing squad for her comments, with even TV and radio host Andile Ncube slamming her on social media.

Andile said he had tried to engage with Ntsiki, but was blocked after he disagreed with her.

“What I was saying before I got blocked (wish you’d been grown up enough to engage instead) is that I don’t care who you rate as ‘bigger’ or even better, more talented etc but surely even you don’t believe what you’ve written about B* being just Woolworths! That’s rubbish!”

He added that “Bonang’s achievements speak volumes” and should not be clouded by opinions paraded as fact.

Others also criticised Ntsiki and urged tweeps to “just ignore her”.


Ntsiki’s comments come just days after the star threw shade at Bonang’s Distraction by Bonang lingerie line and MCC range, House of BNG.

Ntsiki wrote: “I once asked … does Bonang own the Distraction line and House of BNG or is it her name Woolworths is using? Because yazi, I’m seeing Mihlali.”

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